Author of the Tale of the Wizard's Eye, Tarot Adventures, The Steel Road & Whispers of Persephone. On Drip you'll gain access to monthly releases, works in progress, and so much more.

All subscribers here have access to play test material (first play test material released to subscribers was Whispers of Persephone), behind the scenes information on what is coming / sneak peek into coming art / 'how to' information on setting up KickStarter campaigns and creating projects, and so much more.   

$3 Subscribers get all of the above plus the PDF release of the month, featuring original, Full Color art work (commissioned specifically for that release). The subject of the release is a character, companion, creature or monster. This is released the second Sunday of every month.

$6 Subscribers get everything listed above and a "thank you" post card featuring the art from the PDF release of the month.   That post card also contains notes about the character released in the PDF.

Since releasing Tale of the Wizard's Eye in 2017 I have been funding RPG adventures and source books through KickStarter.  I've been blessed with the support of fantastic backers who funded the art for Tale of the Wizard's Eye, Tarot Adventures, Book One: The Draw of Glenfallow, Tarot Adventures, Book Two: Comet over Echo Rock, and The Steel Road (weapon sourcebook). 

With KickStarter we spend weeks gathering pledges and funds together to pay the artists who create the original illustrations for my books.  With Drip we can steadily fund the projects while granting access to behind the scenes information, exclusive content, peer into early drafts and get previews of art to come.

I hope you'll join me in bringing adventure through RPGs, comics, and children's books, to the world.  

What you can expect:

~ Frequent posts about projects in development. 

~ Monthly content subscription for illustrated character, companion, creature or monster.  Each month I'll be publishing a PDF containing a full color illustration done by one of the Fantastic Freelancers(tm) who create art for my books.  This illustration will be packaged in a PDF with fully developed stats, story hooks, and narrative content.

~ Access to early drafts of material, play test documents, and the ability to provide feedback on material.  

~ When any new book, game or project goes into development you'll hear about it first.  

~ More material as the community grows.  I have a lot of projects I plan to develop: Tarot Adventures (through book 22), other adventures, source books, my own original RPG, two card games, two comic book series, and that is just the material I'm working on currently. As we grow as a community, I hope to be able to release material more frequently.

~ Responsible development.  I get a great thrill from putting out a book and knowing that I've done the best work I could in it.  With Drip and KickStarter I remain committed to doing my best work every time.  All of you who support those projects by subscribing here, deserve nothing less than the best I can give you.  

~ Responsive to the community.   Interested in seeing something particular?  Do you have questions, comments or criticisms?  I want to hear from you.  Whether you message me directly, email me, post on campaign pages or what have you, I want to know what you think of my creations.  

Thank you for your support.  

Adventure Awaits!

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