Behind the scenes news & 47 Furious Tails, Issue One / Page 17 (Inks) artist: Alexia Veldhuise

Published on 2019-04-10

I've been busy with getting 47 Furious Tails Issue One together but OH MAN!

Nick Caponi created an amazing piece for this month's PDF release!  I cannot wait for you to see it!  I actually had it made into a poster and put it up in my daughter's room.   If you want a poster size print of it, let me know, I'll send it to you at my cost + shipping (open to subscribers only).

In other exciting news:  Anthony Ojeda has completed his commission for the July release and I have to tell you, it really IS as impressive as any of his previous work for me.  He really blew my mind with his style and take on this subject.  I know July is a way off, but wow, I really can't wait to publish it!

Other exciting news, part two:  Tania Gomez and I reached an agreement and are finalizing the contract this week to have her illustrate the Glenfallow area regional map.  This map is commissioned to be done at 24 inches by 36 inches, be in full color, and scaled with one hex equaling one mile on the map.  There will be two versions, a 'players' version' that will not have the hex grid and will not reveal certain hidden locations and a 'game master's' version which will have the hex map (for ease of gm use) as well as hidden locations.  

Next month's Drip release art has passed the pencil's stage and is being colored.  Zack Viola (The Steel Road, Tale of the Wizard's Eye and Santa Dragon Claws) has really been working his magic on this piece.  I think you will all love it!

I plan to post some more behind the scenes information this month but for a start:

~ After seeing the response to the She-Ra Princesses of Power RPG hoax, I have been drafting a proposal to license that IP for the creation of the tabletop roleplaying game.  I'm a long shot for that as people at Paizo have been expressing a LOT of interest on social media about it, but I'm going to be sending that proposal out this week (current plan).   I'll let you all know if I receive an answer!

Thank you all for your continued support.  I love being able to put out monthly content and to be able to share the behind the scenes info for Sinopa.  

~ Sam