Happy Holidays Everyone!

Published on 2018-12-25

I have triggered the PDF code of Santa Dragon Claws Presents: 25 Holiday Themed Magic Items 2018 to all subscribers.

Print on demand codes for this book will go out once I can get them from DTRPG.com, which may be as soon as next week.  

I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season!

What's coming next?

Glad you asked!

January's PDF release will be going out with art from Edwin Abreu Ruiz.  I think you'll all find this first release of 2019 useful and fun!  

January will also see the launch of the KickStarter campaign for 47 Furious Tails Issue one, with art from the remarkable Alexia Veldhuisen. I'll be promoting that a lot, so for those who follow my social media platforms I hope you enjoy all the attention this title gets!

Click the image to see more of the art for this title!
Click the image to see more of the art for this title!

In 2019, I'll keep focusing on the value for all subscribers.  Look for the PDF's to continue to bringing the same high quality, full color art each month.  Sneak peeks into all the ins and outs of producing RPG books.   AND, the debut of D'FaQ!!  (Dystopian Fantasy Adventure Quest!!.... ) with art coming from a newly recruited artist!  No more spoilers on that for now!

Thank you, for subscribing and supporting my work.  You help make the art possible and inspire me to create each day!

~ W.S. "Sam" Quinton