Monthly release update: Some news I think we'll all enjoy

Published on 2019-06-02

First thing:

The first volume of the Omnibus will be released in PDF and with Print on Demand codes for each backer. I will be sending signed copies of this first omnibus to all five subscribers who were active at the time of the KickStarter campaign launch as well.  This is a definite for this first release and I'll look at the math for volume two to see if I can send signed copies at that point as well. 

Second thing:

This one is a big deal to me.  I'm very excited about it.

I've given some thought on the content.  So, beginning with the October 2019 monthly release, the content will continue as it has been but each six months the content will be designed around a central theme with integrated stories.  I think this will make Volume three of the Omnibus (and subsequent issues) more fun to read as if they are a bigger story that works together.  

I believe it will make it possible to put together characters, companions, creatures and monsters in an interesting way we can enjoy.  


Kelsy Cowan produced the art for June's PDF release and I already have it in hand.  I'm hoping to have the content to Pat for edits by Wednesday.  Presently, it looks like we are once again on schedule for an on-time release (which I'm very happy about)!

As always your comments, questions, criticisms and concerns are most welcome.

~ Sam

Art is by Alexia Veldhuisen from 47 Furious Tails, Issue One which is still being colored and lettered.