The Monthly PDF Release, November 2018: D'Inn the Goblin Veteran

Published on 2018-11-09

The subject of this month's PDF is D'Inn, the goblin veteran.  Art by: Alexia Veldhuisen!

Containing two pages of narrative (story), fully fleshed out 5th Edition statistics, example treasures, story hooks and skill check example results, plus the full color illustration of the subject, the monthly PDF release offers a lot of material crammed into six pages of content {The PDF is 9 pages in length with the remaining three pages being the cover page and the OGL and copyright material... aka, "the legal stuff"}.

There are three different subscription tiers availabe:

The "Just the News" tier at $1 grants behind the scenes information into what is coming out, sneak peeks at art and content, access to play test material, and 'how to' information about how things are developed/crowdfunding and more.

The monthly PDF release is available at the $3 monthly subscription level. This release features full color, all original art depicting the subject of the month.  At this tier you also get all the access from "Just the News" as well.

Each PDF release contains a narrative, story hooks, example skill test results, full stats of the subject, and a full page hi-resolution image of the subject (the image attached is a screen capture of a low resolution proof copy image).

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