Published on 2018-10-01


I am very happy to have been invited to become a creator here on drip.  I want to thank you for visiting my page.

I create role-playing game material, comic books and children's books.  

Beginning October 2018, I will be releasing content here on Drip.  This will include regular posts about projects in development, information on how those projects are being created, sneak peeks into the art behind the scenes, and other behind the scenes news.  

I will also be producing a monthly release, which will include a character, companion, creature or monster of the month.  This release will detail the subject, will include an original illustration, and pages of content regarding the game mechanics and narrative surrounding it.  This publication will be released in PDF form, and will be distributed directly to those who subscribe to it.   By way of example:  Characters would be playable, companions would be Non-player /supporting characters such as a wizard's apprentice or a knight's squire, creatures would include mounts or familiars, while monsters would be just that... terrifying creatures who haunt the world.  The PDF file for this monthly release will go out on the second Sunday of each month. So the first release, October 2018, will go out to subscribers on October 14th. This is my second tier subscription, so please do look over all tiers to see what best interests you. 

The first monthly PDF release will be "Ol' Jack" a monster of terrifying aspect.  "Ol' Jack" is illustrated by Brian Lee. I think you'll find him seasonably appropriate, and a great monster to add to your game.

If you have suggestions for future content, please do let me know.  You can message me or send me an email at management@sinopapublishing.com. 

Common Questions: 

What are you going to do with the money I'm pledging?    (Answer) I'm going to use it to help fund my publications. I pay for original art that I commission from talented artists.  Each piece is wholly unique and done to specifications.  Any remaining funds will supplement my income.  

Why are you on Drip?  (Answer) I was invited and I feel quite honored to have been.  Drip affords me a way to connect to my audience and obtain support for my creative endeavors.  

Will there be any other things we can pledge for in the future?  (Answer)  Yes, I believe so.  As the community here grows I'll be able to afford more substantial projects to offer.

Will I still be able to pledge to your projects on KickStarter?   (Answer)  Yes.  While I do plan to release projects specifically for subscribers, you will also be able to support my other projects on KickStarter.  You'll get wholly original content here and before anyone else.  The monthly PDF for characters, companions, creatures and monsters will only be distributed to Drip subscribers, though those monsters may appear in future books I release.  You'll get them first.


My first goal is to make my drip page self-sustaining.  To that end I hope to have $225 or more in subscriptions so as to fully fund the art costs of the monthly PDF.  

My second goal is to reach $500 in monthly subscriptions, to permit me to afford an additional art work each month, so I can expand on the monthly PDF release.

Welcome to my drip page!

W.S. "Sam" Quinton