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Published on 2019-02-12

Behind the Scenes:

All subscribers have access to the behind the scenes information I share (quite often, actually) through subscriber only posts.  In these posts I talk about coming titles, share sneak peeks at art and make play test materials available.

Early Access:

Starting with the coming adventure Tarot Adventures, Book Three: Death comes to Glenfallow, subscribers will have early access to pledge for premium backer rewards prior to KickStarter launch.  These early access pledges are at a reduced rate (seriously, thank you all for your support).    

Monthly PDF releases:

Subscribers at the $3 and $6 Tier receive the monthly PDF release.  These releases contain detailed information on a character, companion, creature or monster subject of the month (includes a short narrative, stats for 5th edition, story hooks, treasure tables and game master information).   

Each monthly release contains a full color illustration of the subject of the month, commissioned specifically for the release.  See some of the art from earlier months below.

D'Inn the Goblin Veteran / Art by: Alexia Veldhuisen
D'Inn the Goblin Veteran / Art by: Alexia Veldhuisen
"Discovery" / Artist: Edwin Abreu Ruiz
"Discovery" / Artist: Edwin Abreu Ruiz

Each month sees new art by talented professional artists.  Styles vary by subject to bring new, exciting imagery to your game.  

Subscribe and enjoy!

W.S. "Sam" Quinton