Whimsy Machine Media is making positive, inclusive tabletop roleplaying and board games. Join us for the ride!

Whimsy Machine is the creative outlet of Taylor Smith (me), operating under the trade names Whimsy Machine Media and Whimsy Machine Games. I've been working in print and publishing for a decade with game design as a hobby until the release of the beta version of Spell: The RPG in 2015. 2016 and 2017 saw me as lead designer of Evil Dead 2: The Official Board Game and The Terminator: The Official Board Game, respectively, for Space Goat Productions. I returned to roleplaying games at the start of 2018 with a team of diverse creators on the new edition of Spell: The RPG.

Following the wonderful success story of the Make/100 Spell: The RPG Kickstarter campaign, Whimsy Machine will continue publishing Spellbook supplements and develop new and innovative games. While I'll design games so long as there's breath in my body, this Drip campaign allows me to hire artists and writers to collaborate with and contribute to the production of my games (and helps pay my bills). It's deeply important to me to bring creators from underrepresented backgrounds—especially in this industry—to provide a new kind of gaming experience: One with fun, accessibility, inclusiveness, creativity, and representation at the core.

By supporting Whimsy Machine, you'll get access to behind-the-scenes development on new games and updates to beloved ones, early playtest and beta copies of games, WIPs of art and writing assets, headstarts on big announcements, and first dibs on input and feedback on projects. You also get to shape the future of what gets shared here, so you always get the best experience.

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  • The End of Drip

    Hey friends, As you may have seen, Drip is ending its services completely. Yesterday was the last day pledges would be collected. With...
  • Break Kickstarter: Twelve Hundred Words

    Hey friends, Tomorrow, 7/23, I'll launch a Kickstarter campaign for Twelve Hundred Words, an autobio collection of tiny RPGs about...
  • It's Been Awhile, and into the Future.

    Hey friends, Let's start with: It's been awhile. Thank you so much for your support. I'm sorry I've been so quiet. I've been working a...
  • February Update - Whimsy Machine on

    Hey friends, I hope you've all been well! Between the holidays, getting kidney stones, and my town freezing over, it's been a hectic...
  • Fight/Item/Run v2 Giveaway Release

    Hey friends! I just posted a new version of Fight/Item/Run, my Powered by the Apocalypse RPG about fighting monsters in the dungeon! It...
  • Inktober RPG - Full Scans

    Hey everyone, Thank you all for following along with this project! All backers have gotten the extended, edited version of the...
  • October Update!

    Hey friends, It's been busy, busy, busy as the books for Spell arrive and get put into boxes, but I have a couple cool updates for you....
  • Fight/Item/Run - Arcade RPG

    Hey friends, I just dropped Fight/Item/Run, a little project I've been working on while Spell wraps. It's about 5k words and is inspired...
  • The Solo RPG Exchange - Submit!

    The Solo RPG Exchange is live now! Read more about how to participate here: If...
  • The Solo RPG Exchange

    The Solo RPG Exchange, trendily represented as #SRPGX, is a community project in which we—that is, anyone who would like to...
  • July Update & Solo RPG Exchange

    Hey friends, Wow, it's July already, isn't it? I have an exciting community project I'm launching this weekend called the Solo RPG...
  • Custom TTRPG Giveaway and Commissions

    Hey friends, I'm offering a new service and celebrating with a giveaway! As of writing this, there are only three hours left to enter...
  • June Updates

    Hi friends! It's been awhile, but I've been busy. Here are the big things going on: I have a pitch submitted via an insider for a huge...
  • Late Night General Update

    This update was posted on the Discord server, but it's general enough to copy/paste here: Update for The World of Merfolk, aka The...
  • One Hundred Dollar Stream!

    What a misnomer. Anyway, we're almost to $100/month, which is very exciting. Related to this, I'm looking to launch a weekly livestream...
  • Discord Dev Group

    Hey friends, I'm making a Discord server to talk through dev decisions and provide the occasional personal, day-by-day updates. And...
  • May Releasing Games

    We've got two games coming out in the month of May! The big one will be the alpha version of a yet-untitled project focused on...
  • Free RPG: Twelve Hundred Words

    Hey friends, Whimsy Machine has a sweet shoutout on this week's Drip blog (...
  • Spell: The RPG Preorder is Now Open!

    Spell: The RPG is a tabletop roleplaying that uses dice and letter tiles for a novel "what you spell is what you cast" magic system. At...