Custom TTRPG Giveaway and Commissions

Published on 2018-06-30

Hey friends,

I'm offering a new service and celebrating with a giveaway! As of writing this, there are only three hours left to enter for a chance to win a custom ~1,000 word RPG made just for you. As an apology for not having you all as the firsts to know, all Drip backers will be automatically entered. There's more information on Twitter here.

In the future, all Drip backers will be automatically entered into giveaways and you can participate in whatever other method of entry for a second entry. We're just doing one entry per person this time around though. I'll also announce all future giveaways or promotions here first or at the same time as launch.

If you're interested in commissioning your own tabletop RPG, set in your own original world or in a fandom, you can find more information at The basic rates are $25 for 1k words, $40 for 2k words, and $50 for 3k words, with extras negotiable. As a Drip backer, you get a special discount equal to your pledge amount, so if you pledge $5 a month, you get five bucks off any commission. That'll usually work out to 10-20% off!

That's all for now. Next update will be a cool sneak preview of the Red Dog System!