February Update - Whimsy Machine on itch.io

Published on 2019-02-23

Hey friends,

I hope you've all been well! Between the holidays, getting kidney stones, and my town freezing over, it's been a hectic couple of months. Thank you all for hanging in there!

The biggest update lately: I dusted off my itch.io account and started loading up some of my weirder, smaller games. Check them out here: whimsy-machine.itch.io! I'm really proud of these little games and I think you'll enjoy them. They all have $2 minimums, but another post will follow for $5+ backers with free download codes for all of them.

That's what I wanted to share, but if you'll bare with me I have some thoughts I'd like to work through with you.

There's been a big conversation in the ttrpg community lately about designers undervaluing themselves and how that can have negative repercussions. I've always struggled with charging for my games. On one hand, I just want to freely share this thing I made; on the other, I feel like my games aren't worth someone's money. This conversation helped me realize something important though. I launched this Drip with the promise of creating inclusive games with a diverse group of artists, writers, and creators. I strongly believe in paying creators fairly for their work, but I can't afford to hire anyone without making money myself. Profit from my games is turned back to my community and to creators for their services. It's important for me not to just make games, but to support underrepresented voices and to bring in myriad perspectives to gaming. And you, here on Drip, are how I do that. Thank you!

Also, itch.io has some very cool community and blogging options that I might try out. I'll be sure to post here if I do!



PS. You can follow some the conversation about fair pricing for indie creators by following @DungeonCommandr on Twitter. They're doing some amazing things in the community.