It's Been Awhile, and into the Future.

Published on 2019-07-01

Hey friends,

Let's start with: It's been awhile. Thank you so much for your support. I'm sorry I've been so quiet.

I've been working a full time job for just over a year now and continuing to make games in the evenings. I've put out a handful of smaller games on, which you can check out at this link. I recently went through and edited several of them, expanded a couple, and put them all on sale—they're half off for the next day from this posting. These games were really fun to make and I got to play with play styles and rules I'm not really used. It felt good to stretch my design thinking box. Unfortunately, without the energy or knowhow to really market them, they kind of exist as the occasional novelty.

Spellbook Vol 2 is on the horizon with most of the writing done and art beginning soon. A date hasn't been set yet for a Kickstarter campaign, but planning is well underway and I'm excited to unveil all the details. It will be announced here first, along with some sneak previews.

While not officially launched yet, you can check out my new storefront for physical games: To start with, Spell: The RPG and Spellbook Vol 1 are available in paperback and, having only been sold at conventions, Found Parts as illustrated by SJ Miller is available. Coming soon will be Twelve Hundred Words, my autobio collection of five 200 word RPGs (and another two hundred words of intro/outro), edited and newly, wonderfully illustrated by Cibby Acosta. Later, wooden Spell letter tiles and dice will be up.

Speaking of physical inventory and conventions, I'm tabling at SHUX'19 in Vancouver, BC, on October 4-6! I'm eager to get some books into hands and new homes. The goal is for this to be the start of an expanding convention presence.

As you may have heard, Drip, the platform itself, has a limited lifespan. The big news a few months back was that the Kickstarter team was partnering with the XOXO team to make a whole new platform, but it was recently announced that the teams have split. The only word is that Drip will end October of this year and we don't know what's to come after. I'll keep this engine running until the very end.

Whimsy Experimenters and above, you're going to get an update following this one with more information on two larger, currently secret projects, as well as the previously named Spellbook Vol 1.5 (or, the collection of short campaigns).

Yours sporadically,