July Update & Solo RPG Exchange

Published on 2018-07-06

Hey friends,

Wow, it's July already, isn't it? I have an exciting community project I'm launching this weekend called the Solo RPG Exchange! You'll be getting a double update today—sorry about that. This one is an announcement and update on ongoing projects (below). The next one will be the official rules for the Exchange. The short version is that anyone who wants to can participate by designing a short, one-player RPG and then we'll share our games with each other, play them, and journal the experience.

Here are some of our project updates:

Secret Pitch: Positive initial response, hoping for a call while client is at SDCC. Fingers crossed!

Secret Project: Positive ongoing conversations, waiting on lawyers to talk contracts.

Bouquet of Swords: We're all excited to pursue this project, but realistically must table it until later in the year due to all of our schedules. Currently on hold, but it'll still be simmering on my back burner.

Red Dog System: Dave Youkovich and I are chatting worldbuilding for our joint project. I'm developing the game system itself to work for multiple settings and am nearing playtesting.

World of Merfolk: I've gotten some very good feedback from players in and outside games I've run and I am excited to revise this game a little further. This game will be a bit experimental—I'll be including you all in this process. Whimsy Experimenters and up will get access to each new version before it goes live. This Drip will be the frontline of development.

Let me know if there's anything else you're specifically interested in! This list is not exhaustive when it comes to what I'm cooking up.