Late Night General Update

Published on 2018-05-22

This update was posted on the Discord server, but it's general enough to copy/paste here:

Update for The World of Merfolk, aka The Mermaid Game: nine core playbooks are done, but the four "friends of the merfolk" ones aren't and won't be for launch—which means no penguins, otters/seals, crocodiles, or amphibians yet, but I still have my notes and research on them. I'll be adding generic interpersonal/party-building mechanics before this drops.

Basic and magic moves are done. Scene suggestions are in progress, but it got late so I'm going to bed. I'm regrettably leaving out leveling up in this version too, but the roots are there.

Admittedly, this game ended up magnitudes longer than I intended. I was shooting for something like Honey Heist in scale, but going PbtA ended up making it more intensive, though ultimately structured in a way I'm happy with. It's been going slow because I'm still staying on track with Spell, but it's eaten into dev time for my Fall and Summer projects a little—which is fine.

I'm excited to release this game this week, as well as play it! The link for the Google doc is pinned to the top of the channel, so definitely check it out.

For general updates: Spell boxes are arriving tomorrow (Tuesday 5/22), so there's going to be a Kickstarter update. I'm also doing a video game stream demo tomorrow to get setup—that's noon PST at I'll be starting a weekly stream to play some games and talk about design theory. That's all for now. Good night!