May Releasing Games

Published on 2018-04-30

We've got two games coming out in the month of May! The big one will be the alpha version of a yet-untitled project focused on "existential positivity." Like all great achievements, it was inspired by a friend's tweet. It has full, unique game mechanics built around existentialist philosophy and cognitive behavioral therapy practices. The alpha will available to all Whimsy Experimenter tiers and up via Gumroad download code. In honor of May being Mental Health Awareness Month, 20% of online sales will be donated to National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI).

In honor of it also being #MerMay, a celebration of mermaids and art, I also plan to drop a mini-game that will be free for all. Whimsy Machinists and up will get a link to a form to submit the ideas and suggestions that will grow into this little game. We get to make it together!