October Update!

Published on 2018-10-08

Hey friends,

It's been busy, busy, busy as the books for Spell arrive and get put into boxes, but I have a couple cool updates for you. The journaling phase for the Solo RPG Exchange is juuust about finished and then all those journals can be sent back to the designers. I'll be following about with the designers as they edit and update their games. I have a cool announcement about the next step for the SRPGX, which I'll make once I've checked in with all the designers.

The next update is that I'm writing an RPG for #inktober, one page at a time. It's about the permanence of ink and the incremental progress of just trying to do a little bit each day. Also it has monsters. Each week (starting today), I'm typing up a recap for the $1+ folks, which also includes notes about what's to come.

Thanks, as always, for your support!