Spell: The RPG Preorder is Now Open!

Published on 2018-04-12

Spell: The RPG is a tabletop roleplaying that uses dice and letter tiles for a novel "what you spell is what you cast" magic system. At more than 600% funded on Kickstarter, Spell: The RPG comes with a ton of stretch goals included for free during this preorder only. Here's where to go!

In addition to Spell: The RPG complete roleplaying system, there's Spellbook Vol. 1 (a collection of campaign supplements), laser engraved box set, extra tiles, notebooks, tote bags, and custom commissions. Included in all tiers, digital and up, are Spellbook Vol. 1.5 (eleven chapters of playable campaigns and settings, including two guest writers), Monstrum Opus: A Collection of Creatures, Beasties, and Other Unspeakables (a catalogue of 420 entries, included playable character options, summons, companions, and giant bosses), and Witch Hunt (the first chapter of Spellbook Vol. 2) by Justine Prado and Lenka Šimečková.

Thanks for the support, friends!

Taylor Smith, Whimsy Machine