Hello from Seattle!

Published on 2018-10-04


We were on a boat!!!

Why were we in the Pacific Northwest last week? Because we were working on our newest musical at 5th Avenue Theatre! 

During that week-long residency-pitch-hybrid, we focused on furthering our progress on MISS STEP, our new 80s dance "aerobical". We met 8 other outstanding incredible musical theater writing teams all comprised of women and trans folx and we all got the time and space to work on our show. At the end of the week, we pitched our show to the selection committee, producers who flew in from all around the country. It was so INCREDIBLE to witness diverse musical styles, unique voices, and women/trans/POC magic! If selected, 4 groups would be commissioned by 5th Avenue over the next year to develop a first draft of their show. We'll keep you posted!

What's MISS STEP about? Maybe Interstate was too heavy for you. Never fear! Our new musical is a fun, silly 80s romp with a lot of heart, and even more trans characters. It's a story about Pam, an unremarkable transwoman in her 40s who decides to fulfill her estranged late father's dream by competing in a regional aerobics championship. Along the way, she finds love, discovers the meaning of friendship, and reconnects with a father she never got to know. Stay tuned for a sneak peek of what we've been working on!

Thank you to our 16 Founding Members for joining us! Muah!

More soon,

Melissa & Kit