Why we need Drip (and you!)

Published on 2018-08-20

Hi, Drip supporters! Thank you for joining us over here! You might be  wondering why we’re doing this subscription crowdfunding thing and it’s as simple as this: We need your help to fund our creative sustainability and livelihoods.

Your contributions will allow us to devote more  time and creative energy to moving forward with Interstate and developing new work as we continue to build our careers as creators of new musical theater. As we all know, it’s not easy working in the arts, and by joining our Drip, you’re cementing your place as an active patron of the arts and, in the case of our work, social justice and LGBTQ awareness.

Kit has been a working full-time as a spoken word artist and performer for 12 years and it’s required constantly being on the road for gigs and festivals. These years have been invaluable to him because he’s really connected with the folx he writes for, but it’s time for him to take a break from the road to work on Interstate (ironic, we know).

Melissa has been writing musical theater for 16 years while  holding down tech jobs and while she’s awesome at doing both, we want to maximize those skillz that won her a Jonathan Larson Award!

This musical has already changed the lives of many of those involved with our NYMF production. Our actors expressed their amazement in finally  portraying characters who they fully identify with as Asian American  and/or LGBTQ characters who aren’t just tokens. Many of our audience  members finally saw themselves represented on stage. We want to share these positive vibes with even more folx and know we can.

We have a lot of ideas for where we’re going with Interstate and we can’t wait to give you an inside look. Thank you, Drip supporters, for helping  us get that much closer to creating full-time without having to pick up  gigs and other work.

Kit and Melissa

image: Shani Hadjian Photography