I make original and homebrew tabletop RPG content

 Hi, my name is Tyler Magruder, and I make homebrew content for tabletop RPGs, including 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons using the Open-Gaming License (and sometimes the DMs Guild) and Powered by the Apocalypse.  I've made all of my content available for free on DriveThruRPG, and I plan on making all future content available for free as well. Subscribers to my Drip are essentially tipping me, though your names will be included in the credits of everything I make.

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  • New Things

    Hi, it's been a while since I've posted anything, so I thought I'd share two things I've done since I was last here! First, inspired by...
  • Drip Changes

    I haven't had time to keep up with my content creation and for the next few months at the very least I have other things I need to...
  • Running Kobolds (Blog)

    Because it's Kobold Week I've put off my usual XCOM blog and instead wrote about kobolds! Read it here (...
  • The XCOM D&D Project Part 5: Soldier Creation and Promotion

     This is unbalanced as hell, but it's not meant to be anywhere near final, just a place to start and work from...
  • How I Design Monsters: Tools of the Trade

    Unlike most things I design, I don’t simply start writing when I’m designing a monster. There’s just enough math involved for me to want...
  • The XCOM D&D Project Part 4: Soldiers and Personnel

     This is the last entry that will deal solely in ideas and prep, starting with the next entry I will begin to design the game's...
  • The XCOM D&D Project

    I am working on an ongoing blog series focusing on creating an XCOM-inspired game using 5th Edition rules. Is this a bad idea? Probably,...
  • How I Design Monsters: Concept and Challenge

    Monsters are one of my favorite things to design for D&D 5th Edition. They’re what got me into game design in the first place....
  • How I Design... (New Series)

    I’m starting a new mini-blog series called “How I Design…” which I will release intermittently whenever I begin to design a new kind of...
  • Welcome to my Drip

    Hi, my name is Tyler Magruder. I am very excited to be invited to Drip! I am a tabletop RPG player, GM, and designer that has been...